Bainbridge Island Ferry

Tiedättehän ne Seattleen sijoittuvat televisiosarjat, joiden maisemakuvissa vilahtelevat kaupungin edustalla liikkuvat lautat. Olympicin niemimaalle Seattlen vastarannalle pääsee kahdella tapaa. Joko ajamalla Tacoman kautta noin 2 tunnin matkan tai ottamalla Seattlen satamasta autolautan. Lauttamatkan hinta ei todellakaan päätä huimaa, sillä saimme auton ja itsemme Bainbridge Islandille noin 40 minuutin päähän 25 dollarilla. Seattlen ympäristössä onkin paljon asutusta saaristossa ja sinne kuljetaan kätevästi juuri näillä lautoilla. En voi kuin hämmmästellä hyvää tuuriamme säiden suhteen. Viimeisten 20 vuoden aikana kun olen vieraillut Seattlessa, on siellä yleensä aina ollut sateista ja harmaata. Nyt aurinko paistoi kirkkaalta taivaalta.

You know those tv-shows set in Seattle, where the surrounding scenery is often shown with ferries arriving and departing from the city. There are two ways to get to the Olympic Peninsula on the opposite shore from Seattle. You can either drive the 2 hour distance through Tacoma, or you can catch the ferry at the harbor. The ferry really wasn’t expensive, since we got ourselves and the car over to Bainbridge Island around 40 minutes away, for 25 dollars. There are many islands surrounding the city and they are all easily accessible by these particular ferries. I can’t but wonder at our luck with the amazing weather. All the other times over the past 20 years, when I’ve visited Seattle, it has usually been gray and dreary. Now we had sun all the way.


4 thoughts on “Bainbridge Island Ferry

    1. It sure is pretty in the Puget Sound ! I’m used to traveling on ferries quite a lot having lived in Helsinki, Finland and Juneau, Alaska… but a daily commute would be something else. There’s actually a sea fortress just outside of Helsinki from where you’d have to commute daily across the waters to get into town, but unfortunately it’s really difficult finding housing there unless you’re somehow involved with the military. I would definitely enjoy living there given the chance.

      Love your blog btw, I think you just got yourself a new follower! 🙂


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