Tunnel View

Yosemiten kentiesikonisin näkymä on tämä. Laaksoa reunustavat graniittikalliot, vesiputoukset ja loppumattomalta vaikuttava havupuumetsä. Tunnel View innoitti meitä pelleillemään kiviaidalla ja räpsimme iloisia kuvia iloisesta reissuporukastamme matkalla kohti Glacier Pointin auringonlaskua.

The most iconic view in Yosemite is probably this one. The valley is flanked by granite cliffs, waterfalls and a seemingly endless pine forest. Tunnel View got us joking around on the stone wall and we were snapping happy pictures of our happy crew on our way up to see the sunset at Glacier Point.

Tunnel View-6Tunnel View-2Tunnel View-5Tunnel View-3Tunnel View-4Tunnel View-14Tunnel View-17Tunnel View-16Tunnel View-9Tunnel View-10Tunnel View-11Tunnel View-12

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